With an undeniable passion for trousers, Pantalone Torino, more commonly known as PT01, asked how an essential item of the male wardrobe becomes an object of desire.   Almost fifty years later it’s clear how they mastered this challenge: by creating the best trousers in the world.
By subverting imposed rules and constantly challenging old ideas, yet with a remarkable sense of understanding of the classics and the heritage, PT01 has transformed the trouser silhouette for men in many countries.  Using unusual compositions for classic tailoring, and luxury suit fabrics for contemporary cuts, they have conceptualised the uniqueness of something that has to be more widely understood.  PT01 loves trousers and men seem to love PT01 trousers.  Clearly, the task set out in 1969 was not in vain, as a distinguished vision which has impacted on men’s wardrobes will echo for a long time to come.

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