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Canali Suits London

Our years of expertise enable us to provide garments individually fitted for our customers. Whether you are tall or short, broad or slim, our master clothiers will help you pick the style and model that best suits you and your needs.  Our main brand of choice, Canali, is the epitome of classic Italian style.

Ready-to-wear (or more colloquially) ‘off-the-peg’ suits and jackets

At Richard Gelding, we pride ourselves on our fine collection of Canali ready-to-wear suits, blazers and jackets from Italy.  Our showroom is filled with a variety of the finest fabrics, colours and styles from Canali.  Indeed we have one of the largest selections of Canali clothing in the UK.

Canali’s effortless style is second to none and every garment radiates luxury and comfort.  We carry in stock various styles, including Italian fit (drop 8, for those who know what that means!) and English fit (drop 6) with a whole variety of details including peak lapels, vents and pleats.  We focus primarily on the classic colours of black, grey, blue and beige and update our suit selection continuously through the season to ensure regular customers can find something new on every visit to Mayfair.

So whether you require a new suit for business or for a family celebration, or a more casual day suit, we have something for you.  And we can also offer you advice on suitable suits for various occasions as well as more general wardrobe guidance.

Canali suits London - Richard Gelding, Canali suit retailer

Made to order suits and jackets

Our special relationship with the Canali fashion brand ensures additionally that we have the expertise to enable you to have suits made expressly for you.  We can work with you to select the right cloth, size and style for your next suit.  Canali offers the broadest selection of suit and jacket patterns and models which can be created to your specification in their workshops in Italy.  Your suit or jacket will be produced from scratch in only 30 days.  Please allow a little longer during the Italian holiday month of August!

Selecting a suit with the made to order service is especially practical if you require a different sized jacket to the trousers, thinking of the bodybuilders out there with large shoulders, or the food connoisseurs with maybe a larger waist line!  Canali provides enormous flexibility to choose between styles, shapes, models, cloths and colours.  Of course you also have the option with the made to order service to receive more than one pair of trousers with each jacket; this is useful for those of you who spend your lives confined to your desk with your jackets hanging unworn on the backs of your chairs.  Presumably for those who insist on cycling to work dressed in Canali a 3rd pair of trousers may be advisable!

Made to order – The Process

When you come in to see us we will place you at ease and provide you with the expertise and guidance to establish the right suit style, model and size from our range for your needs.  Once you have selected your cloth from a very wide range of different designs, weights, qualities, textures and colours, we pass the information to Canali, headquartered outside Milan in northern Italy.  The final fitting (and tailoring if required) will happen once your suit is delivered to us in London when we will email or call you.  Should any minor adjustments be required, our talented and experienced in-house custom tailor is on hand to deliver the finishing touches.

Made to measure suits and jackets

In addition to the wide range of Canali suits in our store and the additional flexibility provided by the made to order service, we have also been selected (and trained) by Canali to be able to offer a custom service where your suit is made to your specific measurements in the Canali Su Misura workshops. Our skilled clothiers will look after you as for a made to order suit and then take additional measurements which will enable Canali themselves to tailor the suit to your particular needs.  Your name will even be stitched on the inside! Remarkably this service requires a making time of just 30 days!

Canali online

If you are not in London, you can browse our collection of Italian craftsmanship online at

Canali suits London - Richard Gelding, Canali suit retailer